Transformative Self-Leadership and Women’s Empowerment Intensive

On April 4th & 5th 2019 @ The Lightbox, Annapolis, MD

A 2 day Transformative and Powerful Intensive for Successful Women leaders who are ready to invest in themselves and ignite their higher leadership potential to exponentially impact ALL areas of their life.

Who you are:

  • You are accomplished;
  • You are a powerful woman;
  • You are driven to make a difference;
  • You aim for excellence;
  • You are passionate;
  • You pursue success;
  • You are at your best when you are in action;
  • Your contributions are consistent and impactful;
  • You are an influencer of people;
  • You have a confidence around your ability given your track record of success;
  • You are a high level achiever;
  • You are mission driven;
  • You are inspiring and inspired to change and grow;

You are a Woman Empowered and hungry to strengthen your own leadership and to create authentic connection with empowered women supermodelling their own leadership.

we are Leaders.
we recognize that when we unleash our energy for Leadership, continual growth is the only option.

We are women who get things done; we always have been. We're just not being quiet about it anymore.
- Susan Shapiro, Attorney at Law

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Why YOU don’t want to miss this event.

  • The Woman Empowered is the Unstoppable Leader.
  • WELead is an experiential and transformative event and therefore hugely impactful in accelerating your personal and professional growth.
  • The WELead experience will help you uncover the process of where your higher leadership potential lies and will teach you how to find, explore and operate from a deeper space inside of yourself.
  • The WELead Intensive will refine your understanding of Self Leadership in alignment with your strengths and values. Self Leadership, Stepping into your Authenticity and the Celebration of Self are cornerstones of the WELead movement.
  • At the WELead Intensive you will learn how your expectations are holding back your leadership potential. You will discover the fundamental difference between expectations and agreements and how this is intrinsic to truly being a WomanEmpowered. You will be invited to create agreements at the start of this experience that you will take with you into each part of your life at the end of this event.
  • WE would not be leaders under the mission of the Woman Empowered without creating a luxurious event and pampering you as a reminder that Self Worth sits at the Core of your Leadership.
  • The impact of your WELead experience will be felt immediately as you arrive and will exponentially unfold throughout the event AND even more over the subsequent weeks and months.
  • You will hear international speakers and leaders who are founding players in the WELead movement bring the concepts of Leadership to you in an impactful and empirical style.


Exponentially Improved


Exponentially Improved


Exponentially Improved


Exponentially Improved

Are you ready to stand on the launch pad to get into the lead of your life?

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As Women Empowered our goals for the experience lies in our commitments to you:

We commit to:

  • Serve you through our own Leadership during this 2 day intensive.
  • Ask provocative questions designed to challenge your thinking.
  • Hold nothing back.
  • Hold a mirror to help you succeed in your Self Leadership.
  • Encourage you to see your blind spots and continue on your path of personal and professional development.
  • Curate a room of extraordinary Women Leaders who show up as Women Empowered supermodelling their own Leadership style yet all with a central desire to unleash their even higher Leadership potential. We give you the gift of connecting and being part of this high performing group.
In return we will be asking for a commitment from you to show up at the Intensive with powerful questions, energy and engagement. Most of all we ask you to commit to being present in mind and body. This is being in Leadership. This commitment will creates the space for your shift to happen.
Do you Commit? WE do.

Everything AliceAnne does in her life is full of confidence and class. I admire her attitude, knowledge and leadership skills. I will be honored to get the opportunity to be part of the upcoming WeLead event.
- Olive DaMaro

AliceAnne - it's me!

Leanne is talented, knowledgeable, passionate and compassionate about everything that encompasses Leadership. She is a natural, articulate public speaker who emboldens her audience. She inspires.
- Professor Jane Thayer, UVA

You are invited and welcome in:












4th April 2019


Women deserve to be empowered. You deserve to be empowered.

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You are very important to us. All Your data will be used for the sole purpose of the participation in the event. We will keep all the information we receive from you 100% confidential and secure. That's a lifetime promise we intend to keep for ever.